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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I figure for my first post I will just tell you all a little bit about myself since we will hopefully be hearing a lot from each other.  My name is Liz. I am (almost) 27 going on 15. I don't feel the need to grow up just yet. I currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota but I was born and raised in North West Indiana (about 30 minutes south of Chicago.) My place of employment is at the Mall of America where I run rides at Nickelodeon Universe. I took the job to give myself theme park experience. I am a major lover of the Arts, especially theatre. Musicals are kinda my life. I am the oldest of eight (combined families) so I have a natural mother hen instinct. My family is very important to me even though they are 8 hours away. I love the color pink, costumes, glitter, and vodka. I am a happy person who loves to have fun! I am single and almost ok with it. I do alright on my own. I'm determined not to settle for anything less than my Prince Charming. And not to quote a villian, but as Mother Gothel says, "All good things to those who wait.." 

Now that we got all the boring stuff out of the way, let's talk good stuff! I obviously have a deep love for Disney and all it compasses or I wouldn't be making this blog. In a world full of hate and sadness Disney gives people young and old something to believe in. Faith, Trust an Pixie Dust all the way!! My grandma took me to World Disney World when I was about 4 and I have been hooked ever since. I grew up watching all of the Classics on VHS and who can forget the Disney Sing Alongs. Disney made my childhood magical and it has grown with me for almost 3 decades.

The favorites!! My favorite Disney Film is Beauty and the Beast. It is just such a beauty story with a wonderful lesson. I am also most like Belle, yearning for something more than life seems to offer. I am also a major book nerd. And being the girly girl that I am my other favorites are the standard princess ones. I have recently developed an obsession with Tangled. I watch it at least once a week and still cry every single time at the end. My favorite Disney song is "A Whole New World." My favorite ride is the Pirates of the Caribbean. One of my first Disney Park memories is the small drop at the beginning. My favorite Disney show is Fantasmic.

I have been to Walt Disney World 5 times and on the Disney Dream Cruise ship once. My family has recently become Disney Vacation Club members and I am super stoked about it! This summer we are heading out to California where I will be going to Disneyland for the first time ever.

Last but not least, is my dream of working for Disney. This is why I currently work at Nick Universe. I'm hoping the theme park experience I gain there will help me get into Disney. Before college I did work at the Disney Store for a bit but it just wasn't enough. I need to be much more involved. Like most girls I would love to be a face character. That would be ideal for me. I do have some dancing experience and would love to be in the parades. When I was 21 I knew it was what I wanted more than anything. At that point in my life I was a bit heavy, weighing in at 210. That would not fly. So I began working to achieve Princess Physeek. I am currently 143 and hoping to be princess ready within the year.  However; as my age keeps climbing I don't know how obtainable this is.  But I would be completely happy with being a ride operator. Especially a ride where I could dress up. Tower of Terror? Haunted Mansion maybe.

I suppose I will stop blabbing now. I hope you all enjoy this blog and visit often. Please comment and tell me about yourself. What are your Disney Favorites? What is your favorite park? Have a magical day <3

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