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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Pixar Story

Last night I was having a hard time sleeping, so I found myself perusing Netflix. I have never been so happy to be an insomniac. I found a delightful little documentary about Disney’s partners in crime: P.I.X.A.R.  It follows the talented, John Lasseter, from his college days through the success that his company achieves.

I will be the first to admit that the Pixar films, Toy Story aside, have never been at the top of my list. Finding Nemo was the last of their films that I really enjoyed. (I haven’t even seen Cars 2 yet.)  Please don’t start filling my comment box with hate. Being the silly girl that I am, I just prefer the fairy tales. The Pixar films always seemed like “boy” movies to me.  However; that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate them for the works of art that they are.  The breakthroughs that these films achieve are mind blowing! “The Pixar Story” helped me to understand the hard work and devotion that went into making this company a reality. 

The Pixar Story, directed by Leslie Iwerks, is a documentary of the history of Pixar Animation Studios. An early version of the film premiered at the Sonoma Film Festival in 2007, and it had a limited theatrical run later that year before it was picked up by the Starz cable network in the US.
The film was released, outside North America, on DVD in summer 2008 as part of the "Ultimate Pixar Collection," a box set of Pixar films. It was then included as a special feature on the WALL-E special edition DVD and Blu-ray releases, which were launched on November 18, 2008. The film premiered on BBC in the United Kingdom on August 24.

Notable interviewees

·         Stacy Keach - Narrator
·         Tim Allen - Actor, voiced Buzz Lightyear
·         Brad Bird - Director
·         Ed Catmull - First Chief Technical Officer
·         Billy Crystal - Actor, voiced Mike in Monsters Inc.
·         Michael Eisner - ex-CEO of the Walt Disney Company
·         Tom Hanks - Actor, voiced Sheriff Woody
·         Bob Iger - CEO of The Walt Disney Company
·         Steve Jobs - Principle Investor & co-founder of Pixar
·         John Lasseter - Pixar co-founder & visionary

So go ahead and get comfy and take a closer look at how magic is created with a computer and a dream.  And don't forget to tell me what your favorite Pixar movie is in the comment space below! Have a magical day <3

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